Tissue Bank

Waht do we provide?

Our robust searchable database contains normal, non-cancerous disease and cancer samples, just a fraction of total paraffin tissue bank. Use advanced search function to define your search. Some of them have H&E images.

Our tissue repository, tissue bank has huge paraffin tissue blocks, a large selection of histology tissue section slides of human cancer, normal tissue, rhesus and cynomolgus normal fresh frozen tissue as well as paraffin blocks and slides. It has also normal human organs in paraffin embedded tissue blocks as well as rhesus and cynomolgus monkey normal organ tissues.

Snap frozen (fresh frozen) tissue of rhesus/cynomolgus monkey are also available.


Snap frozen (fresh frozen) tissue

We also provide tissue array, custom tissue microarray (with samples you provided or from our tissue bank) as well as OEM services

Tissue Microarray Photograph by Steve Gschmeissner

Tissue Microarray

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