Tissue-Bank ELISA KitS

A wide range of over 5000 ELISA Kits from FineTest which feature high sensitivity, specificity, recovery, linearity, and precision. ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and quality control ensures reduced intra-array and inter-array variations and achieves high repeatability.

List of Human ELISA Kits

Human Alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin ELISA Kit bought from Gentaur
  1. Human IgM ELISA (Zeptometrix)
  2. Human IgA ELISA (Zeptometrix)
  3. Guinea Pig IgG ELISA(Zeptometrix)
  4. ELISA Construction System(Zeptometrix)
  5. Cell-Based ELISA Sampler Kit for detecting phospho-ERK1/2 (pThr202/pTyr204), phospho-JNK (pThr183/pTyr185), and phospho-p38 MAPK (pThr180/pTyr182) in cultured cell lines
  7. Cell-Based phospho-STAT ELISA Samper Kit for detecting phospho-STAT1 (pTyr701), phospho-STAT3 (pTyr705), and phospho-STAT5 (pTyr694) in cultured cell lines
  8. Phosphotyrosine KIT / Mast/stem Cell Growth Factor Receptor Kit ELISA Kit
  9. Human ADIPOQ / Adiponectin ELISA Kit
  10. Human Angiostatin ELISA Kit
  11. Human ANGPTL4 ELISA Kit
  12. Human CD14 ELISA Kit
  13. Human CEACAM-1 ELISA Kit
  14. Human Decorin ELISA Kit
  15. Human Dkk-3 ELISA Kit
  16. Human EGFR / ErbB1 ELISA Kit
  17. Human Ferritin ELISA Kit
  18. Human Follistatin ELISA Kit
  19. Human Follistatin ELISA Kit